Paper Bouquets

A big splashy bouquet full of well wishes is always a welcome gift. And this colorful PAPER bouquet will never wilt or drop it's petals.

We used our 3D stars, Easy Rosettes and Snowflake Rosettes to make these cheerful bouquets. Adding glitter to the snowflakes and rosettes added a touch of glitz!

We also added printed quotes mounted on cardstock and tucked those into the mason jars. You would be amazed at how simple and quick it was to put this all together. If you're wondering how to attach these pretties to a paper straw along with a few other tips check this tutorial on the previous post.


  1. What a fun and clever idea! I must give this a try... Great Inspiration!

  2. Hi this is so gorgeous and so much easier and cheaper than flowers that die and wilt!
    Thank you for sharing

  3. I work in a school where flowers and plants don't last long, can be knocked over easily, and may cause allergic reactions, so this is a fun and colourful alternative. Thank you you so much for sharing this idea. Very excited to try this!

    1. I agree, perfect for those with allergies. And although these could get knocked over at least there is no water in the vase. Hooray! I am making one for my sisters birthday and think I may encourage her to go ahead and pass it on so she gets some fun in "regifting". Not sure how I'm going to work that.

  4. TOO Stinkin' Cute!!!!!! I love this idea!!


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