Paper Bow Layers in 3D - svg file tutorial

 Add your own paper bows to any paper crafting project using your choice of papers and colors that work best for your design. This new style of bow has 2 layers for added pizzazz.
Svg File:  Paper Bow Layers in 3D

Easy Assembly Tutorial...

The bows back layer is done first. Add a dot of glue to the center of the piece. Then gently curve one end over to the middle and attach. Let dry.  Tip: I find it helpful to gently curve the arches in the bow by wrapping it around the side of a pencil.

Now add another dot of glue and fold the other side over and attach to the middle.
Glue the 3D bow layers for the tie and knot. On the tie I just glue the tops together leaving the ends loose along the bottoms adding dimension. Now add the bow second layer by placing a dot of glue to the center of the back as shown (above right) and attaching the it just on that one spot.

Flip the bow over and again apply a dot of glue in the center as shown. Fold one end of the top bow layer over and attach.
Repeat for other side of bow placing a dot of glue again to the center, folding over the other end and adhere. Next attach the bow ties to the back of bow. 

To attach the knot glue one end to the back of bow, gently wrap it around the middle and glue the other end to back.

Svg File:  Paper Bow Layers in 3D

The bows come with two options for the ties. One is the traditional straight ends and the second has the ties hanging down. Both are assembled in the same way.  

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Easter Inspiration from the Design Team - Part 4

 You will love these fun and cheerful treat boxes for Easter. Our design team has just been exploding with Easter inspiration and here's part 4 in this fun series of blogposts.
Cutest Box of Jelly Beans Ever!
Sue is one smart chick. She enlarged a crayon box file to hold a LOT of jelly beans and then added the Smart Chick to the front. And we love her jelly bean background paper.
Svg files used:
Easter Egg Basket
Marlene @ Scrappin Cookie
The popular Easter egg basket got a make over by Marlene. Instead of the flower that comes in the file she decorated the egg with the chevron and doodle borders giving this little egg basket a whole new look. Then it was just a matter of personalizing with a name and adding white highlights.
svg files used:
Happy Easter Card and Starflower Gift Box
Nancy made this beautiful card and gift box into a matching set for someone special at Easter.
Svg files used:
Bunny Poop Treat Bags
Marlene @ Scrappin Cookies
These treat bags hold the treat size bags of M&M's then Marlene adds a bunny from the Spring Bunnies set along with a cute quote on the front to make it fun fun fun!
Svg files used:  Spring Bunnies and Harvest Treat Bags
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Spring Umbrella-Easter Egg Candy Dish

Shirley's Easter egg candy dishes look like they came straight out of a fairy garden.
Her imagination was in full swing as she put together a variety of svg files to create these sweet Easter designs.
And as always, Shirley shows you "how" she did it with a quick photo tutorial. She makes it easy to follow along and create your own design. ~ Thank you Shirley!

Visit Scrappy Sam Designs for all the details.
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Easter Inspiration from the Design Team - Part 3

 We're sharing some ideas and inspiration for your paper crafting this Easter with Belly Boxes, treat boxes that look like bunnies, easter eggs and even a bunny top hat. Plus a surprise idea to add to the mix is a charm bracelet. Here's the lineup.....
Easter Bunny Treat Wraps
Marlene @ Scrappin Cookie
By enlarging the pattern from the Bunny Wrap svgs Marlene was able to make these fit three different candies - Hershey Marshmallow Egg, Crunch Egg, and a small clear bag with Jellybeans.
svg files used:
Cracked Egg and Chick Belly Box
svg files used:Chicks Belly Box Trio
Fun Spring Charm Bracelet
Remember the old "Shrinky Dinks" craft? Debb printed each jpg from the Easter stencils onto inkjet shrink film, colored them, added a hole for hanging and then shrunk them for this bracelet. Then just added little jump rings and attached to a bracelet.
svg files used: Cookie Stencil Starters
Bunny Treat Box
Julie @ Julies Creations
svg files usedBunny Box
Easter Egg Basket
Julie @ Julie's Creations
Julie used the Easter Egg Basket file to make her basic egg shape along with the top and bottom scallops from the file but then added her own bunny cutout, grass and matching posies for a sweet and traditional little basket design.
svg file used:
Mad Hatter Bunny Hat
One of Shirley's favorite files is the Uncle Sam Hat Box.
"I love figuring out new ways to use this versatile file. This time I used it to make a Mad Hatter Bunny Box"
svg files used:
Bunny Top Hat Box (for the ears)Jam Jar and Candle Gift Wrap (for the bow)
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Create Your Own Faux Fabergé Egg!

A Fabergé egg is a jeweled egg created by the House of Fabergé between 1885 and 1917. The first Fabergé egg was crafted for Tsar Alexander III, who had decided to give his wife, the Empress Maria Fedorovna, an Easter egg in 1885.
DT Nancy @ The Nickel Nook created her own Faux Fabergé eggs using the Paper Egg svg from MyScrapChick and they are as beautiful as the originals in my opinion. Take a look....
The egg is 2 pieces and simple to put together. After assembling the parts and inking the edges, Nancy painted a wood candle stick, inked the edges too and hot glued the egg to the top.
Check out Nancy's blog at The Nickel Nook for all the assembly details and see how she embellished her lavish paper Faberge Egg.
She loved the first one so much she had to make another and it's over the top beautiful too. 

For this one Nancy put the egg on a wood candle cup turned upside down and painted it with yellow acrylic paint. She added a bit of pink ink to the candle cup before gluing it to the bottom of the finished egg.

 Nancy's colors and choice of designer papers are so beautiful she's making the Easter bunny jealous.  See how she did her finishing touches to the tops of the egg.
Svg cutting files used for the Fabergé eggs:
Paper Egg: click to enlarge
You can read more about the origins of the Fabergé egg here on Wikipedia.

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Easter Inspiration with the Design Team - Part 2

Country Village House becomes an
Easter Gift Box.

These 3 Country Village House Boxes can be used for so many reasons and seasons. Mike's Easter House is all decked out in sequins and I see lots of little milk chocolate Easter eggs in the box there. This will make a great gift.
Mike always shares good tips and how-to's on his blog so you might enjoy reading more about his project here at DezignsbyEM
Happy Easter display using the Pop-Up Letters.

What I think is especially clever and cute is how Alma used the Bunny Feet Box in place of the letter "A". Alma was a creative part of our team last year and she has more photos of this Easter greeting on her facebook page at MyCraftasticSide. 

Svg files used: The
Pop-Up Letters and Bunny Feet Box
The Cross Gift Box

The Cross Gift Box with it's Easter  Lily is a favorite for Easter,
as well as confirmation and baptisms.
Our new design team member Marlene created the box on the top left before she joined our team and you can see more photos on her blog at Scrappin Cookie.
Christi @ Scrapping for Tranquility added lace for ribbon and beads to her Cross Box to give it a vintage look. The perfect keepsake Easter box.
 Christi @ S
This Girl Bunny Hat Box is the cutest frilly Easter Bunny I've ever seen. Shirley added lacey trim, ribbon bows and flowers to make her bunny oh so cute. 

Svg Files used:  Bunny Hat Box


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Easter Inspiration with the Design Team - Part 1

Oh Oh! There are Bunnies in the Carrot Patch.

Can you imagine how tickled some grandkids would be to get these bunnies/carrots as an Easter gift from Grandma? That's a large part of the focus of Shirley's papercrafting...her grandkids. And I can imagine how special and loved that makes them feel. My grandkids all live hundreds of miles in opposite directions but maybe papercrafting cards and special treats more often like "bunnies in the carrot patch" would shorten the miles between us. You simply have to read Shirley's blog post at Scrappy Sam Designs, these little guys are just too cute.
Svg Files used> Carrot Patch Box and Chubby Bunnies 

Bunny Lollipop Holder
Sue bought pastel tootsie pops and matched them to her polka dot stash of papers. She took her big batch of Easter treats to work and shared them with her co-workers.
Svg Files used>  Bunny Lollipop Holder

Spring Chick In Umbrella Easel Card
 "Chick in Umbrella Easel Card" is new this season at MyScrapChick and we love how our new Design Team member Mike choose the perfect colors and patterns for his project. He happily shares his tips and tricks for making this sweet card really stand, so check his blog at dezignsbyem.
 Carrot Easter Basket with
Kristin's carrot basket is filled with tall bunny topped treats. She found adorable peas and carrot candies, put them into tall thin baggies and added the printed bunny to the top.
 Bunny's Tophat Box
Julie  is on a roll with all her Easter creations. That includes this treat box using the Bunny Tophat with his birdie and paper bow. The hat lifts off so you can fill it up with candy goodies. Julie's Creations-From My Heart to Yours.
Svg Files used> Bunny Top Hat Box
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