Fall Paper Crafting Inspiration

I know the sunflowers in the garden are now gone, all their remains raked up and stuffed in black bags. Winter is at the door but.... it's still November. Thanksgiving is not yet here. Some days I still sit on the porch without a coat and soak in the warm sun. So in my world  I will still celebrate Fall. Just because I can.  
Until I see those actual cold white flakes of snow covering where the sunflowers grew or until I've enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with family, you will still find signs of Fall at MyScrapChick.
 Banana Bread Gift Box...
Julie planned to make some small banana bread loafs to give as gifts.  She used the sunflower included with the file and added a cute gift tag to the box handle and tied it with twine and attached it to the box handle with a small metal clip.

 Fall Bracket Book...

Nancy cut the base pages from kraft cardstock. Then she down-sized the page just a bit, and added a layer of cardstock to each side in Fall colors. See the rest of the details on her blog of how she put this altogether. 
by Nancy @ The Nickel Nook
Svg cutting files used: Bracket Book
 Fall Word Book...
"This file comes with all the layers, leaves, and labels
displayed in my album!
It's such a fun one to put together!"
Be sure to see all the photos of her beautiful inside pages.
by Nancy @ The Nickel Nook
Svg cutting files used: Fall Word Book

Sunflower Greeting Card Set...
The Sunflower Greeting Card Set includes svg cutting files for a card, a tag and tag pocket, plus the gift box.
by Shirley @ Scrappy Sam Designs
Svg cutting files used: Sunflower Greeting Card Set

 Autumn Leaves Layers: click to enlarge

I love fall. Sometimes I feel like one of those trees that just has to hang onto a few of those last orange and red leaves. I'm just not ready to leave this season of colors. Or the warmth of the sun.

Happy Fall, Ya'll!
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Fall 3D Paper Acorns and Pinecone Boxes

Create Words to celebrate all the good things in life, like FALL.
 Christi's display of FALL letters expresses a love for the beautiful colors of autumn.
And I'm in love with all her colors in these pop up letters and the added leaves to the front of them.
by Christi @ Scrapping for Tranquility
Svg cutting files used: 3D Pop Up Decorative Letters

"The time when everything bursts with it's last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale."
~ Lauren Destephano
She didn't stop there, she created these Pinecone and Acorn Gift Boxes for fall too. See a lot more details and photos on her blog.
Svg cutting files used: Acorn and Pinecone Boxes
The Pinecone doubles as a small treat box. It also the perfect size of little gift box and holder for a DIY scented Christmas sachet.
Christi's Acorn Box is ready to be filled with treats of nuts or candies. But even after all the goodies are gone this will look nice displayed on a shelf or fireplace mantel to celebrate fall.
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Advice from Pretty Paper Sunflowers

Advice from Pretty Paper Sunflowers

 Advice from Pretty Paper Sunflowers
Rise and shine, hold your head high. Spread seeds of happiness. Be bold, bright and colorful. Think big, really really big. Feed the birds and bees.

Let your creativity bloom, blossom and grow with inspiration from our design team and the paper Sunflower Rosettes.
Easy Sunflower Paper Bouquets
Cyndy used the 3D Sunflower Rosettes and leaves which can be found in the Sunflowers and Bumble Bees Bundle to make this project. She found the little tin milk can at Hobby Lobby and knew it would be perfect holding a sunflower.  
3D Paper Sunflower svg

Thank you, Cyndy @ Cyndy G. TIme Made for Me
Svg cutting files used: Sunflowers and Bumble Bee Bundle


Update last years fall bouquet with Paper Sunflowers

  Shirley used the big 3D Sunflower Rosettes to freshen and brighten up a fall arrangement she already had on hand. The big yellow blooms fit right in and became the star of the show in her bouquet.

Thank you, Shirley @ Scrappy Sam Designs
Svg cutting files used: Sunflowers and Bumble Bee Bundle

Freshen Up A Fall Arrangement with Big 3D Paper Sunflowers
 "I don't know if you have ever used any of the rosettes from My Scrap Chick but they are Amazing!  Usually when I am making a rosette I am struggling to hold it together which I try to hot glue it and always burn my fingers.  The rosettes that My Scrap Chick makes have little thread holes at the bottom." ~ Cyndy
big 3D sunflower rosette svg cutting file
See photo tutorials for both the

paper party rosettes svg without a gluegun

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Paper Crafting Home Decor That Looks Like Wood but it's Knot.

They look like the prim wood decor but they're not. They're all made from cardstock papers. So of course we had to call them "Wood Knots." 
Debb has made the full set of rustic Pumpkin Wood Knots and plans to display them on her table top thru thanksgiving. I love how they look with her "faith" sign and viney twigs. 
Svg cutting files used: Candy Corn Wood Knots
Kristin has done the full series of Wood Knots and adds printable fall quotes to each one for added inspiration.
Svg cutting files used:
Candy Corn Woodknots
Keeping all the parts in the same color range really adds to the look of carved wood on her pieces. Plus I love the effect of the twine on the pumpkin stem. She used papers with a wood grain print and inked along the edges. Then used a sheet of the same paper to print the quotes onto before glueing them to the front of each.
by Kristin @ Paper Creations by Kristin
Svg cutting files used:Fall Pumpkin Box Woodknots
Svg cutting files used:Fall Pumpkin Box Woodknots

Candy Corn Wood Knot Decor
Candy Corn Wood Knots
Fall Pumpkin Box - Wood Knot
Pumpkin Boxes Wood Knots

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Camera Gift Box in a Variety of Styles

Camera Gift Box
This beautful 3D papercrafting giftbox will hold special mementos from your latest adventure. Tickets stubs from Disneyland, seashells from a seaside vacation, any of those special little somethings that we save along the way.

Svg cutting files used: Camera Trio Collection
Camera Gift Box
With all those vacation photos from summer, Shirley decided to make a mini albums to tuck in the camera box. Shirley used pieces from the Camera Box file and the Film Strip Frames to make the mini albums. Check her blogpost for the details on how to do that.

by Shirley @ Scrappy Sam Designs
Svg cutting files used:

Disney Camera 
Tracy loves to use this file and has taught several scrapbooking classes using this file. She does some great tutorials for Silhouette and Cricut users if you ever want to check that out on her blog.
For this design version she cut out a favorite photo from a trip to Disney and used it to fill the lens. How clever is that?

Svg cutting files used: Camera Trio Collection
Camera Film Roll Box
Along with the Camera Box comes this special treat box and I love how Kristin made this look so trendy but vintage. Super sweet.

Svg cutting files used: Camera Trio Collection
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Tutorial for New Bath Bomb and Ornament Holders

This is a photo tutorial for the new Bath Bomb gift boxes.
All of the boxes go together in same way other than the front pieces of the characters themselves. Those can pieced and layered together like any other paper piecing.

1. Cut out all your pieces. Glue all the characters parts and pieces to the front of the box before assembling the carrier.

2. After you have the character's pieces (face, hat, scarves, etc.)added to the front of the box flip both the front and back facedown and end to end, lineup the circles on the lower large tabs and glue together. You will now have one long piece. This is the top section of the Bath Bomb box.

3. Fold the score lines on the bottom section and lay it on your work surface with tabs coming up as shown. Flip the top section of the box "face up" and lay it cross wise on the bottom section as shown in the photo above and glue in place matching up the center circles.
The pattern comes with 2 different sizes of bottom boxes, the part that hangs down below the character's body. The following shows a different method of closing the tall box and short box.
4. If using the taller box bottom you will see a cutout tab on one side and slit on the other. This tab and slit is not on the shorter box.

5. I'm jumping a little ahead to show how the box closes on the bottom. Pop up the tab cutout and insert it into the slot on the other side as shown. You will then push it fully closed.

6. Before closing the bottom tabs, lay the box on it's side, insert your bath bomb or ornament into the bottom box. The top of the bomb or ornament rests up into the circle cutout.

7. Now insert the cutout tab into the slot and push the sides together to fully close.

8. Stand the gift box up right. Thread a length of ribbon or twine thru the holes in the neck area and tie your box top closed. 
The short box works best for small bath bombs and those little EOS lip glosses. They will even work for K-cups.
The circle in the main pattern piece is 2-1/2" in diameter. For smaller items I included 4 additional inserts with every design. These hold your item in place, make it easy to open and remove the gift and then reuse the box.
9. Set your item in the box and then place the insert tab on top to be sure you have the size you need. Fold up the tabs on the insert. Glue the long tab to inside edge keeping the folded edges for the insert and box lined up.

10. Now gently push the insert down over your item. Don't glue the short tab. This tab is used to open and remove the gift item easily without tearing the box apart. It will stay down when you tie the top of box closed.

**TIP: I cut out all 4 inserts and save off to the side. Then I can use them to determine what size insert I will need on each project.  When I know what size I want then I only have to cut one from the right color cardstock.

See the full line of Bath Bomb Gift Boxes here.
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Watercolor Paper Originals by Inks by Cheri

Watercolors and inks are such a beautiful trend right now and I'm really excited about our new line of digital downloads that let you print all these beautiful art papers over and over and use them for paper crafting. 
INKS by CHERI - Printable Watercolors for Download
 Cheri creates all her artprints by hand using the real deal: paints, brushes, inks and passion on watercolor papers. When I saw her paintings I instantly fell in love with her use of color and free flowing patterns. I just had to have them.
INKS by CHERI - Printable Watercolors for Download

So we got to work, taking the originals and reproducing her prints to offer as digital downloads. These papers are so addicting. I've never been so excited about a line of papers in my life

INKS by CHERI - Printable Watercolors for Download
First thing I just had to do was use her Variegated Rose design to make watercolor daisies with the Daisy Flowers. Each petal looks hand painted.
I printed the new digital papers onto matte photo paper that I found at Office Depot. It was just the right weight for these and they printed true to color.
I also added simple words to the front of some prints to make artcards. Simply beautiful.
INKS by CHERI - Printable Watercolors for Download


Take a look at the first in a series of prints from
Inks by Cheri.
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