No more white edges on print and cut images.

Print and cut images are a great time saver and fun option for paper crafters. They work great as embellishments or as the focal point of handmade cards, scrapbook pages and party decor.
We're all passionate about making our cards and projects look just perfect. Here's a little trick to help hide all those white cut marks along the edge and create a polished look. This is especially helpful when you plan to add your print and cut image to a dark background.
This is also a  really useful technique for those times your cutting machine leaves a bit of a white outline. It will save a lot of ink and paper not having to recut.

The image above is a print and cut with a brown outline. You can see the white edges that look prominent against a dark background.  And on the tip of the cone you can also see where I left a bit of a white outline. Below shows the same image after applying the quick fix. 

All the white cut marks disappear. Even the tip of the cone where there was white left along my cutting outline is now gone quick as a wink.

And here's the easy fix.....

 Use a copic marker or any colored marker with a bullet point to do this. Pick a color that matches closely to the image's outline. The Kawaii images I'm using here have brown outlines so I chose a brown copic marker.  Run the edge of marker around the edge of the image.

Using the wide edge of the marker lets you quickly run along, coloring the edges. The fine tip of the bullet point is great for getting in the corners and small spaces.
**I always work from the back of the print and cut so I have more control. This also helps prevent getting accidental marks on the front.

 Use this easy fix anytime you want to add a beautiful finished look to your print and cut images.
Cutting files used here are from MyScrapChick's  Kawaii Treatkins™



  1. Thanks for a reminder - I'd forgotten about this tip.

  2. Like Barb, thanks for the reminder.....I generally get going so fast I forget how little time this takes for a cleaner look. :D

  3. Thanks, good to know that I should do it from the back. I'm a newby.

  4. This would be better to use an ink pad and sponge or q-tip. The more you use your markers, the paper actually destroys the fibers of the pens, or uses up a lot of ink, and they are a little expensive to ruin.

  5. I've been using this technique for over 10 years now and have never had any ill effects on my markers (Coptic & memento) and the amount of ink used is minuscule, so you have no need to worry GrammieO. :)

  6. I like having the bullet tips to get into those tiny nooks and crannies a bit easier. I never had any issue with wear on the tips. The q-tips and ink pads are an interesting idea however. May have to experiment with that.