Christmas Sleigh for your winter wonderland.

The new Christmas Sleigh is ready for winter crafting. 
It has a sturdy design so it can be used for decorating and/or as a gift box.

You will be happy to know too, that this is "not" complicated with a thousand tiny parts or a bazillion tabs to glue together. I was able to put together 3 Christmas Sleighs fairly quick so I plan to make up several more for the neighborhood this year. Now I just need to find some good Christmas cookie recipes.


File types included with each pattern download: AI, DXF, GSD, SVG and a PDF with labeled parts and photo.

Assembling main part of sleigh...

Align the layers for front, back and 2 side panels and adhere together.
The sides, front and back all have 2 additional panel layers. Glue these together and then glue each to the main box.

Attach the panels to the box.
Apply glue to tabs for back of sleigh and adhere to box sides as shown below. Repeat with tabs on front of sleigh.
Main body of sleigh is now complete. Add optional seat if desired.

Adding optional seat to sleigh...

Crease along score lines of the 2 seat pieces as shown in photo.
The part on left is the seat back, part on right is seat cushion.
Carefully lift seat back (be sure the other tab is dry)
and apply glue to bottom tab as shown.
Adhere the bottom tab to bottom of box (inside) and gently adjust it so it's pushed up against the back edge of box, snugged into the crease.

Glue the 2 outter tabs of the seat cushion lining up all edges.
The top of the cushion will be slightly curved.
Apply glue to bottom of cushion and insert into box. 
The taller side faces the front. The shorter side goes back against the seat back.
The seat back and cushion after install.

Adding the blades for sleigh....

Each blade will have 3 paper layers. This will add strength and durablity. There are also 2 support braces underneath just like on a real sleigh.
See instructions below.
Before adding the white scrolls to front sides be sure you have them positioned correctly!!
**The photo shows the CORRECT positions.
(Learn from my mistakes or feel free to make your own. LOL!)

Flip each blade over (to back) and glue on tabs of support braces as shown.
After brace is glued down, add the white scroll layer for the back.
When finished it should look like piece in photo.
Again make sure your blades are positioned correctly, with fronts in front and backs in back. I goofed on my first one and had the blades going opposite directions. Then glue the 2 black square bases together. The slots should be lined up.

Fold blades up as shown and insert tabs for braces through slot.
Glue tabs down as shown in photo above.
I like using the hot glue gun to attach the sleigh to the blade base.
Again make sure you have the front of sleigh and front of blades going the same direction!!!!

Christmas Sleigh Product Page


Let us know in the comments below what you think about this new design and let us know if you have any questions.

If you like this and decide to make your own Christmas Sleigh we would love it if you shared your project photos on our
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  1. Der Schlitten ist ganz fantastisch. leider komme ich nicht in den Shop um ihn zu kaufen.
    LG Beate

  2. I ordered yesterday. Can I get this free? I didn't see anything about getting this free.

    1. Hi Lisa, I just added the Christmas Sleigh to your account.

  3. Another awesome file...I'll be adding it to my collection...great job love your files

  4. Another awesome file...I'll be adding it to my collection...great job love your files

  5. I hope its still available friday when i get paid

    1. I'll see what I can do to keep it as a gift with purchase.

  6. What size cutting mat does the largest piece fit for an svg cut? I love the photo of the material used for the seat and back - that is totally cool!

    1. The body of the sleigh, the largest piece, will fit easily on a 12x12 may. There are 2 files to import, each of those will be smaller than 12" wide by 24" talk so they can be imported to scanncut's online software. But adjust the matbsize to 12x24 to keep original sizes.

  7. I have a Portrait - the largest cut is 8 x 12 so I assume this sleigh will not work for me. I am new at svg cutting but that is what I am thinking - right?

  8. Love it! I placed an order of 5 items but did not receive this. =)

  9. I'm in love with this file, just brought it and put it will be a candy holder for Christmas...thank you

  10. Just finished the sleigh. Wonderful love it. Thanks a bunch

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  12. the Christmas sleigh is great, the sleigh is small when I put it on the base, what are the sizes of the sleigh and the rails, it looks too small