Meet our 2018 Design Team

I'm so excited to introduce to you our 2018 Design Team. Each one of these designers is so packed full of exciting talent and I can't wait to share with you all the good things to come.
If you ever need a fresh touch of inspiration just checkout their blogs and other social media sites below. They're a friendly bunch so feel welcome to comment on their blogs, ask questions and strike up a conversation.

Christi Steinbeck

Cyndy Gustashaw


Debb DeFord

PINTEREST: clickersister
INSTAGRAM:  ClickerSister 


 Els Schutte

BLOG: Els Schutte
FACEBOOK: els.schutte.3

Jill Cornelius

FACEBOOK: Jill Cornelius
INSTAGRAM: jillygirl64

Julie Scaparra


Kristin Courtney


Marlene Broncales

INSTAGRAM: scrappincookie
FACEBOOK: scrappincookie

Mike Fernholz

BLOG: DezignsbyEM
YOUTUBE: DezignsbyEM


Nancy Nickel

 BLOG: TheNickelNook
FACEBOOK: MyNickelNook
INSTAGRAM: TheNickelNook

Shirley Mastie

FACEBOOK: ScappySamDesigns 


Sue Kment

FACEBOOK: SuesStampingStuff 


Tracy Rushton

BLOG: Idea Closet
PINTEREST: Tracy_Rushton
  FACEBOOK: The-Idea-Closet 
YOUTUBE: The Idea Closet
They're all pretty amazing and inspiring aren't they??

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