Love You To Pieces Skull and Bones Shape Card

So to be truly honest, as an adult I have not been a big fan of Halloween. Hold the tomato throwing lol Let me explain...

Don't get me wrong, when I was young, I LOVED to get dressed up in our plastic outfits. You know the ones with the mask and tiny holes for breathing and seeing. The ones that ended up on our head before we left the driveway because we couldn't breath or see anything. 

We would plan our route early and head out before people were even home from work, all in hopes of finding that house with the "big candy".
It was great, when I was a kid and my kids were little. Now I look forward to a quiet night at home with my light off. Yes I am one of those people.

Val on the other hand, buys candy in bulk and has to make a few extra runs to the store throughout the night just to keep the happy kids stocked up. I tell her that she is known as the "good candy" house and I am SURE the grown teenagers go down the street and turn their clothes inside out just to come back and hit them up again.
But she doesn't care. She delightfully fills their king size pillowcases with a bar or two, each time they come by. Like every 10 minutes. lol (want her address?)

So not only am I a party pooper, but I get scared easily. Like freaked out. I avoid anything creepy, including my reflection first thing in the morning. Trust me, some days...even you would be scared!!

So as so many people count down the days to All Hallow's Eve like it is some good thing, I dread the days of creating things that don't have pink cheeks and a smile.


ANYWAY, so here is my go at a Creepy Cute Halloween card that doesn't make me hug your leg when the lights go out. 

I tried not to add the pink cheekbones but what can I say, if you are going to put a dead body part on a greeting card, it might as well be cute...right!

By the way, I just googled All Hallow's Eve to make sure I spelled it right, and CREEP-CITY, that is some crazy stuff!! Why can't we change it to National Fluffy Kitten Cuddle Day and we go door to door and pet kitties.  
 Seems a little less dangerous, am I right!!??

It's always nice to have a liner for the inside message of cards. It gives the card a real polished look. Plus it allows you to freely use any 2 sided prints.

Your teens and tweens will love this one. Size is A2. Layered pieces include smooth cutting lettering with light hearted skull and bones.

Find the
Love You To Pieces A2 Card at

Happy National Fluffy Kitten Cuddle Day!! Be sure to tell Val hi for me when you hit her up for candy!!

Hugs, Kristi


  1. Kristi - I'm a Cudlle your Kitten or Dog Day kind of person too! LOL - When I went to college and my friends dressed up - I just went along to take photos - I would not dress up - after I was a adult I always thought Halloween was for the kids to dress up and look cute - maybe one day like in school now they will just celebrate the Harvest of Fall and the coming of Winter! Love the Card with the Pink Cheekbones!

  2. Cuteness to the max!!! I'm not a fan of Halloween for lots of reasons. I struggle with cards for the grown-ups and treat boxes for the grand kids because it's hard to meet the line between cute and spooky. This is perfect!! Thank you.

  3. I totally agree! :) Let's have a cuddle the cute animals day! :D

  4. At this time of the year, I abstain from Halloween or anything to do with it. Wikipedia describes it as ... pagan ... Also includes divination (fortune-telling, honoring the dead etc. which the Bible does not support.

  5. Count me in for Happy National Fluffy Kitten Cuddle Day! I really enjoyed reading your blog this morning, it was a great start to my day.

  6. kristi, I am sooooo like you but My youngest Grown daughter is a Halloween freak! She even got married on Halloween! It is her favorite time of the year! You couldn't stop her from trick or treating as a teenager or even as an adult . Now she has an 17 month old and she goes along with him. I am raising my other grandson and yes I do enjoy taking him and seeing his happiness but I , like you, would much rather stay at home wrapped in a blanket , drinking hot cocoa , watching my favorite COMEDY. (or chick flick) LOL Thanks for the giggle!

  7. I am like you. I hide in the dark and wait for it all to be over. I have had the occasional person ring the bell despite the house being dark as if they didn't get the message. I loved it when my three kids went out but my youngest is 18 now and hasn't gone in years. I am a Christmas fanatic and would rather have all that out

  8. I love the pink cheek bones of your little skull. It's pretty adorable all considering. We've been a hide and wait or date-night kind of family until our boy got into the sport so once again, we're still not home to answer the door. Great card Kristi!