Tuesday, May 17

10 Cool Summer Cards for Inspiration

1. A cool penguin in cap and sunglasses with fresh summer watermelon on this fun lighthearted Thank You card. Thanks A Melon

2.  Sunglasses and smiley face emojis. Makes you think of that person and teenager who is very plugged in to all the techie gadgets. This card also comes with a treat bag topper and tag.   Emoji Cool Trio

 3.  5"x5" Easel card with 4 interchangable word titles. Or create your own title to suit. Titles are layered and can also be used for your scrapbook pages.  Beach Easel Card with 4 Different Titles.

 4. Cute Manly BBQ apron easel card with utensils, mitt and BBQ sauce inserts. Card folds flat for easy mailing.  BBQ Pocket Easel Card
5. Here's the perfect summer card for any man. Use tropical and bright prints for this easy side folding card.  Hawaiian Shirt Card
6. Ocean beach card scene with crab, starfish & coral. Sam's Class Crab Card
7. Another simple and quick Bug design will work for spring or summer cards. Change up the colors to make it work for boys, girls or women. Light hearted and fun butterfly.   Butterfly Bug Card

8. A very tropical or Hawaiian style card with palm trees and curly waves. The edges of this card give it a postage stamp look.  Aloha Card
9.  Any time of year is the right time to send someone a card of encouragement that says "Way to Go" whether they have run a marathon, reached a goal or overcome a struggle.  Encouragement Easel Card
10.  This frog with her bikini is good for some laughs. She looks good coming or going. Frog Critter Book
Find more summer card ideas at MyScrapChick.com

Tuesday, April 12

Frogs and Paper Rain Drops

Here's a cute gift idea for your paper crafting friends. It's nice to make something for yourself once in a while too. That's what I did with this hanging card for my work space.

The background is created using several layers of coordinating papers in staggered sizes. For the "photo" corners I used a paper with mulitpe thin stripes. There's a layer of blue paper right behind the frog that I tore along the top and then curled the edges to look a bit more like water. The layers are all then stitched on the sewing machine.
The lettering was intended to look random like a ransom note so all the lettering was printed on cardstock, then cut by hand. I cut the frog on my cutting machine, inked the edges and pieced it together.
Paper Rain Drops
The effect of raindrops was done using JudiKins Diamond Glaze. Just add a dot and pull upwards on the paper to get the rain drop effect. Pull up at the same angel each time.

Allow the raindrops to dry thoroughly before adding the hanger. This hanger is made using a mix of yarns and ribbons. I punched a hole in the upper corners, pulled the ribbons thru from back to front and then knotted on the frontside of the card.

My Hoppy Frog hanging was made using the Rain Frog pattern from My Scrap Chick.
Here's a few other options for the inspirational phrases...
"Just Singing in the Rain"
"If you want to see the rainbow you got to sit through a little rain."
"Let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy day."
"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain."
"God made rainy days so gardeners could get the housework done."

Wednesday, March 30

Happy National Pencil Day

Almost every day my 12 year old announces what national, or international holiday it is. Who doesn't love a holiday or reason to celebrate, am I right? Being born on Christmas day, she LOVES holidays and is excited about any opportunity to receive or give a gift.   

To honor her, I thought it only fair to share with you all Today's Holiday. 


Happy National Pencil Day!!

When you think of a pencil who comes to mind? Teachers, artists, students? How can you honor them with a pencil-ish type gift?

Not only are pencils great for writing (well duh, my daughter says) the erasers have come in handy many of times when I have lost the backing to my earrings. They make great sibling pokers, hair twirlers and head scratchers.

Although we posted some projects of pencils not too long ago (I really dig drawing supplies lol) Please enjoy some inspirational pencil projects featuring My Scrap Chick Pencil Products. :)

Be sure to share how you are celebrating National Pencil Day on our facebook page! We would LOVE to hear about it and see your projects. :)

Wednesday, February 17

Update to all SVGs in MyScrapChick

*SVGs import at correct size to Design Space.
Each and every SVG in our store will now import to Design Space at the correct size with no resizing needed. You won't have to look up the measurements elsewhere. Also note: Design Space users can use the files in the "SVG" folder. (The svgDS folder has now been eliminated.)

*Better score/dash lines.
Each group of dash lines (like the fold line on a card) has been combined into a single object, instead a billion tiny pieces. Just click on any part of the dash lines on a pattern piece and the entire set of dash lines is selected. You can choose to either cut or score those fold lines in Design Space.

See the full photo tutorial for using
MyScrapChick SVGs with Cricut Design Space.

Tuesday, January 12

Write It On Your Heart...

WHAT, Valentine's day is around the corner!!
This is my year to be ready, early. 
I hope..

Showing our love and appreciation should freely flow from us on a daily basis. Sure we say "love you" and thank a kind stranger for holding the door for us, but do we really show our love to everyone with the fullest capacity of our being? I know, scary thought; right? 

 I am one of those "out there" people,  who will come right up to you and be  your new friend whether you wanted  one or not. I will hug you and love you  and invade your space.   Yes, similar  to this sweet girl 

 But if I were honest with myself, I  would say that I do not show my love  and appreciation to those who are most  important in my life.  I am not talking  just family, but those people who make  my life and those around me easier. 

Everyday I send my kids off to school and wait for them to arrive home having learned something new.  This has been a habit we have had for over 10 years now. With one daughter in high school and the other in elementary, I know I have taken for granted all the hard work and effort these amazing teachers have invested in my children over the years. I couldn't do it, nor would I want to. I have 2 kids that drive me crazy, I couldn't imagine what 30 of them would do to me lol

This year my goal is to spread love and appreciation everywhere I go. My first challenge is to start with the amazing teachers and staff where my children attend. I am talking office staff, teachers, and the other fabulous people who have made it easy for me to drop my kids off every day knowing they are in good hands, learning something new. 

Please join me in using your talents and the enormous (yes, I know I am not alone here ;) amount of supplies you have lying around, to create something wonderful for someone who makes your life easier. 

I will be starting with this adorable pencil box inspired by Kristin Courtney. She took something so simple and made it amazing. That is what I want to do with this idea. 

Who are you going to thank this week and how are you going to do it? Show us your projects and your story behind it. We will be pulling ideas to post on the blog, newsletter and Facebook. If you project is chosen you will receive a nice gift from us. 

Click here to grab the pencil box. I can't wait to see how you decorate yours! 

Hugs, Kristi

Friday, January 1

MyScrapChick's Boo Treat Bag Assembly Tutorial

Cut out the one piece box pattern.

Fold the two score lines toward the back, making sure the ghost face is in front. After gluing eyes to the ghost’s face attach head to bag. 

 Fold the two score lines toward the back, making sure the ghost face is in front.  

Add bag of treats before closing. You can keep the bag together after adding treats in two ways – with a glue dot or wrap a ribbon around the neck area. Embellish as desired with some sparkle or spooky elements. 

Product Page

Tuesday, December 29

Happy New Year Party Fun

Photo booths are all the rage. They are so easy and inexpensive to set up. It's great fun for all ages, keeps guests actively entertained and can be a real ice breaker for any party.

Kristin has worked her magic once again by searching through My Scrap Chicks designs and combining various elements to create an all new set of New Years Party Props. Her family joined in the fun for her photo shoot and she shared all these photos below...

Show off your own creative skills by setting up a backdrop for your photo booth. Use balloons, confetti, banners, printed fabric....let your imagine go wild and have fun. Use large buckets or vases to display the props and let guests take their pick. Good lighting will make for some great shots.
These quick and easy party glasses for 2016 will get everyone in the New Year spirit. Our 2016 New Years Party Glasses are a free download now and thru New Years Day.


Thursday, December 17

Night Before Christmas, Storybook Wreath

Add your own touch of nostalgia to the season with this story tag and star wreath featuring the classic tale of "The Night Before Christmas." 

The full poem is set across 10 tags along with vintage illustrations. The poem which was originally known as "Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas," was first published anonymously in a Troy newspaper in 1823. Since then it's been read every year in countless households across the country.

Kristin combined parts and pieces from several of our designs to create this keepsake wreath.  She used the 3D Puffy StarNight Before Christmas Tags and a part from the star box (below-left) that gives the wreath a bit of added fullness.

This base works great too as a backing for attaching the back of the star with a dab of hot glue.  

Kristin tucked in a bit of dark green netting here and there, then a big bow at the top from the same green netting. The buttons and twine in the center of each star serve to hold the tags in place.

We made it easy to recreate what she has done here by putting all those parts and pieces together into one file.   Storybook Wreath