Tuesday, October 11

Easy DIY Fall Pennant loaded with charm

I just love being able to decorate for Fall and Christmas without spending an arm and leg. Being able to choose my own color schemes is probably the best part of paper crafting for the home.
Fall decorating doesn't have to be time consuming or expensive. Start with this easy Fall Pennant and your favorite fall colors from your own paper stash. Hang this on your front door or along the fireplace mantel. It would even look great hanging from a wall mirror or bookcase.
This easy design can be completed in an evening.
A tutorial for the Rosette is included with the product download. It can also be viewed HERE.
The tutorial shows how to  assemble the rosette without having to use a hot glue gun, but I did use the glue gun to attach the rosette to the pennant itself and also for attaching the medallion to the front.
When all 4 pennants were done I punched holes in the upper corners to thread ribbon for hanging. Adding small bows between each pennant adds a nice touch. You could also add other embellishments if desired.

Hope you are having a wonderful autumn.

Thursday, October 6

Love You To Pieces Skull and Bones Shape Card

So to be truly honest, as an adult I have not been a big fan of Halloween.  Hold the tomato throwing lol Let me explain...
Don't get me wrong, when I was young, I LOVED to get dressed up in our plastic outfits. You know the ones with the mask and tiny holes for breathing and seeing.  The ones that ended up on our head before we left the driveway because we couldn't breath or see anything.  
We would plan our route early and head out before people were even home from work, all in hopes of finding that house with the "big candy".


It was great, when I was a kid and my kids were little. Now I look forward to a quiet night at home with my light off. Yes I am one of those people.

Val on the other hand, buys candy in bulk and has to make a few extra runs to the store throughout the night just to keep the happy kids stocked up.  I tell her that she is known as the "good candy" house and I am SURE the grown teenagers go down the street and turn their clothes inside out just to come back and hit them up again.  
But she doesn't care. She delightfully fills their king size pillowcases with a bar or two, each time they come by.  Like every 10 minutes. lol (want her address?)

So not only am I a party pooper, but I get scared easily. Like freaked out. I avoid anything creepy, including my reflection first thing in the morning. Trust me, some days...even you would be scared!!

So as so many people count down the days to All Hallow's Eve like it is some good thing, I dread the days of creating things that don't have pink cheeks and a smile.
ANYWAY, so here is my go at a Creepy Cute Halloween card that doesn't make me hug your leg when the lights go out.  
I tried not to add the pink cheekbones but what can I say, if you are going to put a dead body part on a greeting card, it might as well be cute...right!
By the way, I just googled All Hallow's Eve to make sure I spelled it right, and CREEP-CITY, that is some crazy stuff!! Why can't change it to National Fluffy Kitten Cuddle Day and we go door to door and pet kitties.  
Seems a little less dangerous, am I right!!??
It's always nice to have a liner for the inside message of cards. It gives the card a real polished look. Plus it allows you to freely use any 2 sided prints.

Your teens and tweens will love this one.  Size is A2. Layered pieces include smooth cutting lettering with light hearted skull and bones.

Find the Love You To Pieces A2 Card at myscrapchick.com

Happy National Fluffy Kitten Cuddle Day!! Be sure to tell Val hi for me when you hit her up for candy!!

Hugs, Kristi

Free Svgs and cutting files from MyScrapChick.

Enjoy some free samples of cutting files from MyScrapChick.com
Every design in AI, DXF, GSD and SVG cuts beautifully on your DIY electronic cutter.  Printable PDF patterns for hand cutting with scissors are also included.

 Cafe Border - 3 Piece

3 Piece Cafe Border Free svg DOWNLOAD
It will be easy to add a checkered border to your cards and pages with this 3 piece design.

My Scrap Chick Belly Box
My Scrap Chick Belly Box Free Svg DOWNLOAD

Free Belly Box. Free SVG cutting files....Our signature Belly Box with our very own Chick.
You're going to love all the Belly Boxes. Along with being super cute, they're also simple and quick to put together. See the blog post that shows how easy it is to put these together.

Life is...Sweet Quote: Print and Cut Image
Life is...Sweet Quote: Print and Cut Image Free DOWNLOAD

New My Life Project Cards for your Pocket Page Albums!! Print right from your home printer using the PDF for Acrobat Reader or use the individual photos in 300dpi for your print and cut machine.

But First, COFFEE

"But First, COFFEE" Free svg DOWNLOAD
 Coffee quote on a cup shape background.

Easter Cross

Easter Cross Free svg DOWNLOAD
Ornate cross in layers. For Christening, wedding, Easter and more.
And since the gift of the cross of Jesus was freely given to us, we feel we should share it too, for free...same price we paid.  Free svg cutting file.


Nested Thank You
Nested Thank You Free svg DOWNLOAD

Luscious Lashes Tutorial 
Luscious Lashes Tutorial Free PDF DOWNLOAD

Quick tutorial for adding eye lashes to paper pieced eyes.
Printable PDF tutorial.

 "Thanks for Your Support"  A2 Card

Thanks for Your Support A2 Card Free DOWNLOAD


  Fussy Tussy Mussy Flower Cone

Fussy Tussy Mussy Flower Cone Free svg DOWNLOAD
A quick and easy Flower Cone you can use for May Day, Mother's Day, weddings and just for smiles. Fill with little flowers and hang on someone's door to brighten their day.
This little flower cone is traditionally called a “Tussy Mussy”. It's made of 2 pieces, the main cone and then the outer wrap with a scalloped edge. Holes in the sides of cone provide an easy way to add ribbon for hanging. Fill with flowers or goodies.  Free svg cutting file.
7” high and approx. 4-1/4” diameter.


"Fresh Picked" Layered Word Title

Fresh Picked Layered Word Title Free svg DOWNLOAD

 Layered word title for cards and pages.

Kids Easter Cards to Print and Color
Kids Easter Cards to Print and Color Free PDF DOWNLOAD


  "911 We Will Never Forget" Tag

"9-11 We Will Never Forget" Tag -  Free DOWNLOAD


  Printable Eyes for Paper Crafting  

Printable Eyes for Paper Crafting Free DOWNLOAD

  Conversation Hearts Digi Stamps

Conversation Hearts Digi Stamps Free DOWNLOAD
Graphics are Black and White 300 dpi PNGs with transparent backgrounds.
*Images only, dutting files not included.
Cleanest cutting paper craft files work with:
  • Pazzles Inspiration™
  • Klick-n-kut™
  • Sillouette Cameo/SD/Portrait™
  • Cricut Explore™
  • Silver Bullet™
  • BlackCat Cougar/Lynx™
  • CraftROBO™
  • Wishblade™
  • eCraft™
  • SCAL - Sure Cuts A Lot™ software
  • MTC - Make the Cut™ software

Tuesday, August 30

Simply Sweet Rubber Ducky Shape Card

This side folding Rubber Ducky Shape Card is simplicity at is sweetest.
A few added layers with polka dot print add an upscale touch. The wing is pop dotted to add depth and definition. A simple satin bow adds the finishing touch.
The Rubber Ducky Shape Card fits in a square 5"x5" envelope.
Rubber Duck Card Quick Assembly Tutorial...
This will go together fast with only 6 pieces. Fold the card on the scores lines.

  1. The edges of the top layers were shaded using a dark yellow ink pad but this is optional.
  2. Use adhesive to attach the top layers for the wing, card front, duck bill and eye. TIP: When adding smallish parts like the eye I find it easier to use my exacto knife to hold it while applying a dot of glue to the eye and then placing it on the card.
  3. Add pop dots to the back of the wing for added dimension and adhere to card.

Add a satin bow to the duck's neck for a finishing touch.

The Rubber Ducky Shape Card
from MyScrapChick.com

If I had to do a large number of baby shower invitations this would be my card of choice. It went together so fast and easy I was actually a little sad when I was done. So I made another one!! 

Take this little cutie for a swim next time you need a quick baby card or shower invitations.


Little Rubby Ducky easel card

Welcome new babies into your world with this adorable Rubby Ducky Easel Card from MyScrapChick.com
Includes 2 printable greetings in a pdf: "Congratulations on your adorable bundle of Joy!" and "Welcome to the World Little One!." Plus a blank shape to add your own stamping or message if you prefer.
Includes svg cutting files along with ai, dxf and gsd.
Quick photo tutorial below....
Little Rubby Ducky Easel Card for the newborn in your life.

Card folds flat and tucks into any A2 envelope.

Quick Assembly...

After cutting out all the pieces gather them on your work space.

  1. Fold card base forward on both fold lines.
  2. Adhere "inner card base panel" to inside of card base.
  3. Adhere waves to "white background layer."  Use pop dots on the front wave to add depth. 
  4. Assemble duck layers, pop dotting the wing for depth. Add a small bow the the ducks neck. 

Spread adhesive to the front bottom half of the easel card as shown and attach the waves, lining up along the sides and bottom edge.

This is what your card should look like so far.

Add the rubber ducky, tucking behind the front wave and lining it up along the white backing. There will be a small edging of white around the top of waves and duck.  Adhere the bubbles in a random fashion that looks pleasing. Add pop dots to the back of the message panel.

Using the pop dots on the back of the message panel will help hold the card open for display. Adhere the message to the inside of the card.

There is space to sign the message card along the bottom or you can also write additional words inside the card. Use an A2 envelope for sending.

While this was designed as a welcome card for baby it can also be used as a baby shower invitation. Simply use the blank panel to add your party details. Another card for baby shower invitations that coordinates with this little guy is the "Rubby Ducky Shape Card."
Find the Little Rubber Ducky Easel Card on MyScrapChick.com
The design comes with svg cutting files as well as ai, dxf and gsd. Can be used with the Silhouette Cameo, SD and Portrait, the Cricut Explore and their online software Design Space, Pazzles and any software that uses svg, dxf, gsd and ai.
 We love to hear your thoughts so feel welcome to post your comments below.

Wednesday, August 24

Life is Better in Flip Flops, Shape Card

Oh yes, life seems a lot less stressful when we can trade the shoes and socks for our summer flip flops. We made these fun summer cards for you to share with your girlfriends.
This is a side folding card. 6-3/4" tall by 3-3/4" wide. Fits nicely into a standard mailing envelope but can be resized too. The printable quotes for the front are included in the pdf file so you can pick the one that is right for you. 


Start by cutting out all the pieces in your choice of color combinations. Score and fold side of card.

Adhere the front layer to the card, assemble the flower layers, the toe strap and message layers. Pop dots were used here between the flower layers to add depth and interest.

Adhere the strap to the card front with pop dots to add a fun 3D look. Next adhere the flower to the center of the toe strap and then the message layer. And that's all there is to it.

Include your written note inside the card and send to a friend this summer.
We hope you enjoy using this new card. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. You can find the product page for these svg cutting files right HERE.

Wednesday, July 20

Quick Paper Party Pennants

Colorful pennants will add some quick pizazz to any party or get together. Our series of party pennants went together so quick and easy even we were amazed. I think picking out the papers actually took longer than the cutting and assembling.
The new set we're showing here comes with 3 shapes, the traditional triangle shape, a scooped U shape and the notched flag. To make it as easy as possible we made the back layer to fold over the twine or ribbon. (We're all about quick and easy.)
Group your pennant layers together. Crease along the score lines on each base layer. This will make lining up the front layers in the next step go a bit faster. .

The front layers can be glued to the background or you can use pop-dots to add depth and thickness.

I like to arrange the pennants in the order they will be hanging before folding them over the ribbon or twine. Then once they are hung over the ribbon I glue the folded pennant together along the lower portion only. That way I keep the glue away from the ribbon, plus the pennant slides freely and I can easily adjust them after hanging.
You might also enjoy using the pretty pennants to add a splash of color to your creative space or along a chalkboard, fireplace mantel, mirror or bookshelf.
This sort of project really lends itself to using a variety of prints so don't forget to look thru your paper scraps. The actual cutting file for these use smaller pieces of paper, approximately 3"x5".
Like any svg cutting file the Paper Party Pennants can be enlarged or reduced to suit your needs. You could even make them small enough to decorate a gift package.

Life may not be the party we hope for, but while we are here we may as well dance.

Wednesday, June 8

BBQ Apron Easel Card Photo Tutorial

After cutting all the pieces for the BBQ Apron Easel Card, group the pieces for each element together for easier assembly.

Start by glueing the decorative layer to the front of apron and then fold along score lines to form the apron pocket.

**The decorative layer was added to the original file on 6-9-2016 so if you purchased the file before that, just login to your account and download the file again.

Fold tabs to back of apron and glue. 

Assemble the other elements for the card, the bbq sauce bottle, utensils, mitt and greeting layers.

Fold the card base along score lines as shown to create the easel. You will fold the card in half and then fold one side again as shown in photo.

Apply glue to the bottom half of the folded card as shown and then attach the apron front/pocket, lining up along bottom and side edges. Photo below shows card after glueing and layed open.

The inside greeting layer is used to hold the easel card open so use pop dots to give it some height.

This card provides lots of opportunity to add notes and quotes. Besides the apron pocket insert and the greeting layer on the base, the mitt and sauce bottle have white layers to add to the back of the piece This is optional of course.

If you plan to use the card for an invitation to a BBQ the pocket  insert works great for adding the details of the invite.

View of finished card.

BBQ Apron Easel Card