Thursday, July 30

Popular Cards for Teachers

We all like to know that we are appreciated from time to time. Especially when we put our heart and soul into what we are doing. Big expensive gifts are nice too, but often a heartfelt card that shows you took the time and effort to express your thanks is even better. 

We have 2 cards that are really popular for those special teachers in your child's life. The School Paper Easel Card and The Teacher's Desk Easel Card.

School Paper Easel Card


The fun thing with these easel cards is they display beautifully on a shelf and are a perfect fit to a classroom decor.  But it's when you add your personal note of thanks on the base that it becomes a treasured keepsake for the teacher. 

 Teachers Desk Easel Card

In your note you might want to add specific memories or special help that the teacher provided. If you child looked forward to school everyday, saw great improvement in a particular area, those are nice things to include also.

The School Paper Easel Card

 The Teacher's Desk Easel Card

Thursday, July 2

A Big Bouquet of Garden BUGS!

Send a hug in bug bouquet.
Who doesn't love bouquets of flowers, plants with cute pokes and encouraging notes tucked in among a cute arrangement of....BUGS! You might even add some paper flowers and make it the perfect summertime hostess gift. 

These goofy little garden critters are only to happy to join you at your BBQ, picnic or patio. And I promise they don't eat much either.

 Just tuck them in a plant or mason jar filled with shred.  They're guaranteed to bring smiles to the table.

Bugs and photos by Kristin Courtney

See some other ideas for making paper bouquets and using straws as colorful picks.

Find the whole set of bugs plus titles...

Wednesday, July 1

We have been getting some questions about the 
 so we would like to take a moment and provide some FAQ's for you by posting actual customer questions and the answers...
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Q:So that is like getting over 1000 patterns for only $129. Including your PREMIUM sets, like the Belly Box trios, and the larger collections?  Wouldn't that make each set like 11 cents?
A: We have over 4000 'single' patterns on our site. However most of our patterns are grouped into Collections and Trios for your convenience. So, if we were to break it down, it is like getting over 4000 cutting file patterns NOW for $129 PLUS all the new amazing pattern files we will be releasing in the next 6 months. That comes out to .03 cents per cutting file pattern.
Q:Can I create items to sell with the files I download using my Pink Ticket purchase.
A: Our Angel Policy is here. Each purchase, including the Pink Ticket Special comes with a license to use our products according to ourAngel license.  Our terms have always been very generous AND you do not pay an extra fee to create tangible items for resale.

We do not permit our files to be shared, sold or transformed in any way digitally or printed. Our terms only allow for finished handmade tangible items made by hand with a limit per item per year. Please see our Angel Policy for more details.
Q:Can I share my files with my family or a friend.
A: I am sorry, it is against our policy
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Friday, June 5

New Paper Pop Up Photo Frames

Sometimes a great idea comes from trying to solve a personal need. I've been restyling my office/craft space and have long wanted a classy way to display all the random photos of kids and grandkids. 
These look so real your friends will have to pick them up and touch them to believe they are actually made out of cardstock. My friends did!
I needed frames that were sturdy, that didn't look too artsy craftsy and would allow me to change out the photos from time to time. I filled a waste basket full of proto types before hitting on the right method and technique. The simplicity was a huge bonus. And I'm loving that I can make all the frames I need.
Paper Pop Up Photo Frames
These easy to assemble frames have a 3 dimensional look and don't require a lot of fuss. The use of Pop-Dots gives depth and that hand carved look of a wooden frame. One simple layer of chipboard backing provides the durability. This is a great pattern even if you are handcutting.
The full color photo tutorial included in the download shows the simple hinge technique for the back layers. It creates an easy way to change the photos whenever you choose, yet the layers remain flat.
Now I have a abundance of frames and will be making many more to fill my photo shelf.

Friday, April 24

Print Party Trio

Time to plan your spring and summer parties with the best handmade party favors from
From Mustache Bashes, to nail parties, to purse parties you can bet your guests will be pleased with adorable handmade party favors whipped up in a jiffy at a fraction of the cost of store bought favors. Plus your guests will be more than excited to hear you made it yourself. 

What? No time to plan your favors and need something professional in a quick hurry for that last minute party? Not to worry!! Check out these great printable party sets I just designed for you!!

Kristin Courtney put the finishing touches on them with some pretty ribbon and got some great photos just for you!! And best of all, she only used her scissors, printer and some copy paper she had lying around! No cutting machine needed for this quick and easy project. So easy your kiddos can do it!!

If you love these quick and easy printables let us know by purchasing this set for only $1.00 this week thru April 30th.

 Set includes a PDF to print right from your home printer 
and full color JPGs in 300 dpi for use with print and cut machines.
All photos by Kristin Courtney. Thank you Kristin!!!!

I have plans for more boy, baby and many more themes around the corner!! And for all my machine lovers out there, our next sets just may include cutting files. :) Your purchase of this set lets us know how much you love it! :) So hint hint wink wink shop shop hugs hugs!! Kristi :) 
By the way, all party stuff is on sale for $1.00 for a limited time. Take a walk thru the Parties and Birthday aisle.

Monday, March 9

My Scrap Chick Belly Box Tutorial

Meet our newest addition to the Belly Box lineup, My Scrap Chick.  She's our thank you gift to all of you after our big Belly Box giveaway on facebook where so many of you helped promote our popular Belly Boxes. We want everyone to win so we came up with this idea to share a belly box for free.


T U T O R I A L  for Belly Boxes....
Cut out all your pattern pieces. Pre-fold all the score lines for the box back and box front.  The box back will be a valley fold, the box front will be all mountain folds.
Now is a good time to ink the edges if you plan to. After inking I find it easiest to add all the parts and pieces to front and back sections of the box before putting them together. This allows me to work with the sections laying flat on my surface.
Once the front and back are decorated with the parts, flip the box front (belly) over as shown. The decorated side of the box will be face down. Add glue to the inside box bottom then attach the front flap of box back.

Now your box should be one piece as shown above and you are ready to glue the side tabs. This is a good time to re-crease all the folds and tabs before glueing.
Flip the entire box over as shown and add glue to the side tabs.

Fold up the sides and the belly front and adhere tabs to box front. Then do the same with the tabs for back of box.

And now your box is ready to fill with goodies.


Now keep in mind, we just love the pink and black but this cute chick would be cute in any color you like. It's fun too, to mix things up with printed papers. Whatever you choose, have fun!!

My Scrap Chick Belly Box is available free HERE at

Tuesday, January 20

No more white edges on print and cut images.

Print and cut images are a great time saver and fun option for paper crafters. They work great as embellishments or as the focal point of handmade cards, scrapbook pages and party decor.
We're all passionate about making our cards and projects look just perfect. Here's a little trick to help hide all those white cut marks along the edge and create a polished look. This is especially helpful when you plan to add your print and cut image to a dark background.
This is also a  really useful technique for those times your cutting machine leaves a bit of a white outline. It will save a lot of ink and paper not having to recut.

The image above is a print and cut with a brown outline. You can see the white edges that look prominent against a dark background.  And on the tip of the cone you can also see where I left a bit of a white outline. Below shows the same image after applying the quick fix. 

All the white cut marks disappear. Even the tip of the cone where there was white left along my cutting outline is now gone quick as a wink.
And here's the easy fix.....
Use a copic marker or any colored marker with a bullet point to do this. Pick a color that matches closely to the image's outline. The Kawaii images I'm using here have brown outlines so I chose a brown copic marker.  Run the edge of marker around the edge of the image.

Using the wide edge of the marker lets you quickly run along, coloring the edges. The fine tip of the bullet point is great for getting in the corners and small spaces. I always work from the back of the print and cut so I have more control. This also helps prevent getting accidental marks on the front.

Use this easy fix anytime you want to add a beautiful finished look to your print and cut images.
Cutting files used here are from MyScrapChick's  Kawaii Treatkins™


Thursday, January 1

Paper Bouquets

A big splashy bouquet full of well wishes is always a welcome gift. And this colorful PAPER bouquet will never wilt or drop it's petals.
We used our 3D stars, Easy Rosettes and Snowflake Rosettes to make these cheerful bouquets. Adding glitter to the snowflakes and rosettes added a touch of glitz!

We also added printed quotes mounted on cardstock and tucked those into the mason jars. You would be amazed at how simple and quick it was to put this all together. If you're wondering how to attach these pretties to a paper straw along with a few other tips check this tutorial on the previous post.