Monday, December 5

Christmas Sleigh for your winter wonderland.


The new Christmas Sleigh is ready for winter crafting. It has a sturdy design so it can be used for decorating and/or as a gift box.
You will be happy to know too, that this is "not" complicated with a thousand tiny parts or a bazillion tabs to glue together. I was able to put together 3 Christmas Sleighs fairly quick so I plan to make up several more for the neighborhood this year. Now I just need to find some good Christmas cookie recipes.
File types included with each pattern download: AI, DXF, GSD, SVG and a PDF with labeled parts and photo.

Assembling main part of sleigh...

Apply glue to sleigh box's front and back end tabs and fold down.
This adds strength to the finished project.

Align the layers for front, back and 2 side panels and adhere together.

Adhere assembled side panels to box form.

Apply glue to tabs for back of sleigh and adhere to box sides as shown below.
Repeat with tabs on front of sleigh.

Main body of sleigh is now complete. Add optional seat if desired.

Adding optional seat to sleigh...
Crease along score lines of the 2 seat pieces as shown in photo.
The part on left is the seat back, part on right is seat cushion.

Apply glue to top tab of seat back and attach to inside of box,
lining it up along the top of sleigh's back edge.

Carefully lift seat back (be sure the other tab is dry)
and apply glue to bottom tab as shown.

Adhere the bottom tab to bottom of box (inside) and gently adjust it so
it's pushed up against the back edge of box, snugged into the crease.

Glue the 2 outter tabs of the seat cushion lining up all edges.
The top of the cushion will be slightly curved.
Apply glue to bottom of cushion and insert into box
 The taller side faces the front. The shorter side
goes back against the seat back.

The seat back and cushion after install.

Adding the blades for sleigh....
Each blade will have 3 paper layers. This will add strength and durablity. There is also 2 support braces underneath just like on a real sleigh.
See instructions below.

Before adding the white scrolls to front sides be sure you have them positioned correctly!!
The photo shows the CORRECT positions.
(Learn from my mistakes or feel free to make your own. LOL!)

Flip each blade over (to back) and glue on tabs of support braces as shown.

After brace is glued down, add the white scroll layer for the back.
When finished it should look like piece in photo.

Again make sure your blades are positioned correctly, with fronts in front and backs
in back. I goofed on my first one and had the blades going opposite directions.
Then glue the 2 black square bases together. The slots should be lined up.

Fold blades up as shown and insert tabs for braces through slot.

Glue tabs down as shown in photo above.

I like using the hot glue gun to attach the sleigh to the blade base.
Again make sure you have the front of sleigh and front of blades going the same direction!!!! 
Christmas Sleigh Product Page

Let us know in the comments below what you think about this new design and let us know if you have any questions. 
If you like this and decide to make your own Christmas Sleigh we would love it if you shared your project photos on our facebook page.

Monday, November 14

Snowmen Easel Card Tutorial

Snowmen are the best part of winter. Here are 3 little snowmen to cheer you. They will happily send your holiday wishes and merry Christmas greetings to friends and families.
Easelcards are particularly popular because they are so easily displayed after opening. This new card comes with 3 printable greetings for the message panel or you can use a blank one to use your own stamped lettering.
All the pieces are layered and will line up with the backing to make it easy for correct and quick placement. We're trying something new on this design too. Adding small dashed lines to the faces will make it much easier to line up the eyes, nose and smiles right where they should go.

Card front. Assemble snowmen faces and scarves:

1. Start with the snowman in the very back. Add his facial features first. Use the tiny dash lines on the face to quickly figure out placement for his eyes, nose and smile. I cut the smiles on a really slow speed to get a very accurate, delicate cut.
2. Next add the 2 scarf pieces. You'll be able to see where to place the scarf by lining up the scarf's outer edges to the white background layer. I used pop dots on all the scarves for dimension but this is optional.
3. Now do the same steps for the snowmen on the lower left and right starting with faces first then add scarves.
4. When all 3 snowmen have their faces and scarves on, adhere the lower left snowman first, to the background snowman layer, lining up the edges on the left and along bottom. Then adhere the lower right snowman, lining it up along the right side of background piece and also along bottom.

This is the card front when all the snowmen are assembled. It's ready to place on the card but first we'll prepare the card's base. See below.

Assembling the card's base:

1. This is an easel card so the card base in folded in half and then the front  of the card is folded again as shown in photo. The card folds flat for mailing but pops open for display.
2. Choose which sentiment you want to use for the inside message panel and adhere to the message back layer. The design comes with a choice of 3 different messages or you can use the blank panel provided and add your own stamped message. 

3. Adhere the base liner to the inside of card as shown. I used a blue paper with white dots.
4. Add the message panel using pop dots. The pop dots provide added height so the message panel will keep the card open when displayed.

5. Now with the card front done and the card base ready, we'll attach the front to the base. Flip the card open with the inside of the card facing down on your mat. Apply adhesive to front quarter of the card base as shown.

6. Adhere card front to card base, lining up along edges and bottom.

 This is the fully assembled card folded flat. It can be easily inserted into an envelope for mailing. The finished size of the Snowman card is 6"x6" square.

Monday, October 24

Fall Pumpkin Table Top Decor

Fall Pumpkin Box Woodknot

Wood? Or Wood Knots! Decorate your home this fall with our new Boxy Pumpkin Collection. They look like wood, and are made of paper. Be sure to check back for more Wood Knot Decor pieces coming soon!!
Paper pumpkins don't just come in orange anymore.
Here's a printable quote done on the tall box, but it's done in fall white!

"Thankful People" Quote 
Not only are these 3D boxes trendy, they are SO easy to put together.
Here's a quick tutorial.


Tuesday, October 11

Easy DIY Fall Pennant loaded with charm

I just love being able to decorate for Fall and Christmas without spending an arm and leg. Being able to choose my own color schemes is probably the best part of paper crafting for the home.
Fall decorating doesn't have to be time consuming or expensive. Start with this easy Fall Pennant and your favorite fall colors from your own paper stash. Hang this on your front door or along the fireplace mantel. It would even look great hanging from a wall mirror or bookcase.
This easy design can be completed in an evening.
A tutorial for the Rosette is included with the product download. It can also be viewed HERE.
The tutorial shows how to  assemble the rosette without having to use a hot glue gun, but I did use the glue gun to attach the rosette to the pennant itself and also for attaching the medallion to the front.
When all 4 pennants were done I punched holes in the upper corners to thread ribbon for hanging. Adding small bows between each pennant adds a nice touch. You could also add other embellishments if desired.

Hope you are having a wonderful autumn.

Thursday, October 6

Love You To Pieces Skull and Bones Shape Card

So to be truly honest, as an adult I have not been a big fan of Halloween.  Hold the tomato throwing lol Let me explain...
Don't get me wrong, when I was young, I LOVED to get dressed up in our plastic outfits. You know the ones with the mask and tiny holes for breathing and seeing.  The ones that ended up on our head before we left the driveway because we couldn't breath or see anything.  
We would plan our route early and head out before people were even home from work, all in hopes of finding that house with the "big candy".


It was great, when I was a kid and my kids were little. Now I look forward to a quiet night at home with my light off. Yes I am one of those people.

Val on the other hand, buys candy in bulk and has to make a few extra runs to the store throughout the night just to keep the happy kids stocked up.  I tell her that she is known as the "good candy" house and I am SURE the grown teenagers go down the street and turn their clothes inside out just to come back and hit them up again.  
But she doesn't care. She delightfully fills their king size pillowcases with a bar or two, each time they come by.  Like every 10 minutes. lol (want her address?)

So not only am I a party pooper, but I get scared easily. Like freaked out. I avoid anything creepy, including my reflection first thing in the morning. Trust me, some days...even you would be scared!!

So as so many people count down the days to All Hallow's Eve like it is some good thing, I dread the days of creating things that don't have pink cheeks and a smile.
ANYWAY, so here is my go at a Creepy Cute Halloween card that doesn't make me hug your leg when the lights go out.  
I tried not to add the pink cheekbones but what can I say, if you are going to put a dead body part on a greeting card, it might as well be cute...right!
By the way, I just googled All Hallow's Eve to make sure I spelled it right, and CREEP-CITY, that is some crazy stuff!! Why can't change it to National Fluffy Kitten Cuddle Day and we go door to door and pet kitties.  
Seems a little less dangerous, am I right!!??
It's always nice to have a liner for the inside message of cards. It gives the card a real polished look. Plus it allows you to freely use any 2 sided prints.

Your teens and tweens will love this one.  Size is A2. Layered pieces include smooth cutting lettering with light hearted skull and bones.

Find the Love You To Pieces A2 Card at

Happy National Fluffy Kitten Cuddle Day!! Be sure to tell Val hi for me when you hit her up for candy!!

Hugs, Kristi

Free Svgs and cutting files from MyScrapChick.

Enjoy some free samples of cutting files from
Every design in AI, DXF, GSD and SVG cuts beautifully on your DIY electronic cutter.  Printable PDF patterns for hand cutting with scissors are also included.
Leaves A2 Notecard
Leaves A2 Card  DOWNLOAD

Enjoy playing with your favorite colors and quotes on this stylish notecard. Simple leaf silhouettes in the corners. The border with center cutout creates a nice area to frame your quotes, stamps, digis or even a photo.


 Cafe Border - 3 Piece

3 Piece Cafe Border Free svg DOWNLOAD
It will be easy to add a checkered border to your cards and pages with this 3 piece design.

My Scrap Chick Belly Box
My Scrap Chick Belly Box Free Svg DOWNLOAD

Free Belly Box. Free SVG cutting files....Our signature Belly Box with our very own Chick.
You're going to love all the Belly Boxes. Along with being super cute, they're also simple and quick to put together. See the blog post that shows how easy it is to put these together.

Life is...Sweet Quote: Print and Cut Image
Life is...Sweet Quote: Print and Cut Image Free DOWNLOAD

New My Life Project Cards for your Pocket Page Albums!! Print right from your home printer using the PDF for Acrobat Reader or use the individual photos in 300dpi for your print and cut machine.

But First, COFFEE

"But First, COFFEE" Free svg DOWNLOAD
 Coffee quote on a cup shape background.

Easter Cross

Easter Cross Free svg DOWNLOAD
Ornate cross in layers. For Christening, wedding, Easter and more.
And since the gift of the cross of Jesus was freely given to us, we feel we should share it too, for free...same price we paid.  Free svg cutting file.


Nested Thank You
Nested Thank You Free svg DOWNLOAD

Luscious Lashes Tutorial 
Luscious Lashes Tutorial Free PDF DOWNLOAD

Quick tutorial for adding eye lashes to paper pieced eyes.
Printable PDF tutorial.

 "Thanks for Your Support"  A2 Card

Thanks for Your Support A2 Card Free DOWNLOAD


  Fussy Tussy Mussy Flower Cone

Fussy Tussy Mussy Flower Cone Free svg DOWNLOAD
A quick and easy Flower Cone you can use for May Day, Mother's Day, weddings and just for smiles. Fill with little flowers and hang on someone's door to brighten their day.
This little flower cone is traditionally called a “Tussy Mussy”. It's made of 2 pieces, the main cone and then the outer wrap with a scalloped edge. Holes in the sides of cone provide an easy way to add ribbon for hanging. Fill with flowers or goodies.  Free svg cutting file.
7” high and approx. 4-1/4” diameter.


"Fresh Picked" Layered Word Title

Fresh Picked Layered Word Title Free svg DOWNLOAD

 Layered word title for cards and pages.

Kids Easter Cards to Print and Color
Kids Easter Cards to Print and Color Free PDF DOWNLOAD


  "911 We Will Never Forget" Tag

"9-11 We Will Never Forget" Tag -  Free DOWNLOAD


  Printable Eyes for Paper Crafting  

Printable Eyes for Paper Crafting Free DOWNLOAD

  Conversation Hearts Digi Stamps

Conversation Hearts Digi Stamps Free DOWNLOAD
Graphics are Black and White 300 dpi PNGs with transparent backgrounds.
*Images only, dutting files not included.
Cleanest cutting paper craft files work with:
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  • Klick-n-kut™
  • Sillouette Cameo/SD/Portrait™
  • Cricut Explore™
  • Silver Bullet™
  • BlackCat Cougar/Lynx™
  • CraftROBO™
  • Wishblade™
  • eCraft™
  • SCAL - Sure Cuts A Lot™ software
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