School Pencil Gift Box Tutorial

The School Pencil Gift Box makes a fun gift for school kids and teachers. Measures 3"x7" but can easily be enlarged. Mix it up with colorful printed papers.
 This is a simple and quick teachers gift. And who says you can't tuck in some chocolate for a teacher? I've heard teachers love chocolate and let's face it, she deserves it!!!
Cut out box pattern and lay out your pieces grouped together.

Starting with the lid, fold all the score lines inward. Glue tabs to sides going all the way around shape to form sides of lid.

Repeat step 2 for the bottom piece of box. 

You now have completed both parts of the base pencil shape. 

You are ready to finish with the included elements to make your box look like a pencil. Use the pencil layers for the box top to do that.

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