Explosion Box Tutorial

Fill the pages of this Explosion Box with your photos and journaling then give it place of special importance in your home decor.
 Cut out box pattern and lay out your pieces grouped together
Working with the bottom piece, fold along all score lines. Glue down the four panel pieces to the side flaps on the inside like shown above.
Starting with the middle box piece and decorative layers, glue four of the pieces to the inside like you did for the outside layer. Flip piece over and glue the remaining four decorative pieces in the same fashion. Repeat with the inner box piece and layers. Glue together in middle with larger piece on bottom and smallest on top
To finish the box, take lid piece and fold on score lines. Glue small tabs to adjacent sides.
Gather up the sides on your bottom fallout pieces and place lid on top forming box.
Embellish as desired.

Explosion Box
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