Kristi's Recipe for Deep Fried PC

Anyone that knows me, knows I am NO cook, or even Suzie home maker for that matter. So if you mention Kristi and deep fried in the same sentence, there must be trouble to follow.

If you are reading this post, chances are you have a computer or access to one. Perhaps you have more than one computer with tons of precious photos of your loved ones, important software that cannot be replaced (like those that have been upgraded not to work with the bug machine) or amazing digital patterns that you have been collecting for years.

Imagine hanging out on your computer as you some times do. You are sitting there, doing what you do when all of the sudden sparks flare from the back of your computer and smoke begins barreling out from the side of the tower. That was my Monday!

What would be the first thing that goes through your mind? I can tell you that after feeling an immediate drop in the pit of my stomach, I praised GOD that I had backed everything up on my portable hard drive. Yes, PRAISE GOD!

Imagine loosing all those years of files I had created, my original designs. But more importantly, all the photos of my little girls, my husband, my family and the precious moments that had been captured digitally. Imagine them gone, all gone!

You see that actually happened to me years ago. I still have the computer, as one day I hope to get my photos off of it. But I learned my lesson.

I want to share this with you, my dear friends, because this has happened to me not once, but twice. The first time I wasn't so lucky, and I do not what that to happen to you.

We at My Scrap Chick are always happy to re-send you a file you may have lost, or deleted by accident. And if by unfortunate circumstance your computer dies....well, we will resend all the files we have on record for you.

We want to do our part to always be there for you if you need us, but no matter how much we love and appreciate you, we cannot replace the other precious content on your computer. So please, please, please....back everything up on another hard rive. It is not worth loosing.

We have 'save the tata's' and 'save the whales', now lets "save our PC" (precious content!!!