Cross Box Tutorial

Cut out box pattern and lay out your pieces grouped together. Be mindful of inside and outside pieces.

Starting with the bottom part of box, fold side pieces along the score lines bending tab pieces to the inside.

After making sure your side piece lines up correctly with the cross, start at the top gluing down one tab at a time. Follow along the shape of the cross till all tabs are secured.

Taking your second side piece, glue the two side pieces together using the vertical tab. Once the glue is dry, start gluing the tabs down onto your outside bottom piece like you did with the first side.

Once you have all the tabs done, glue the vertical tab to the end to finish the bottom of your box like in the picture below.
To give your box a nice clean look, glue the bottom inside piece to the bottom outside.
The bottom of your box should look be able to stand on its side. Move on to the top piece.  

After completing your top piece, both should look similar to the picture below.

Place the top onto the bottom. They should fit together securely. Project is now complete.


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  1. What size do you cut everything at? How do you put together the flower?

    1. Hi Alli, there are written instructions in the PDF with pattern download for the lily. The size of the box when imported will approximately 4-3/4" tall x 3-1/2" wide. :)

    2. Just reread my comment and I should clarify those are the measurements for the finished box. When you import the files the individual pieces will all be at the correct size.