Sunflowers, Bumble Bees and Fall Florals

Every summer my neighbors grow these wild and beautiful sunflowers along our shared fence. I get to enjoy all these big colorful blooms all summer long without lifting a finger nor a shovel. But even so, they did inspire me to work on new Sunflower designs for paper crafting.
 As I was working on the designs for the new cutting files I would step out into the back yard every now and then just to view the sunflowers. Then one afternoon I suddenly realized they were swarming with little honey bees.  Lots and lots of them. Well of course! If you have sunflowers, you will also have bees. (Hopefully!) So of course, I had to add some little Bumble Bees to my sunflowers too. 

 Sunflowers and Bumble Bees Bundle...
The new fall set includes a 3D Sunflower made using rosettes and pop dotted layers for the seed pod. You can see the rosette construction in the Sunflower Tutorial. This finished sunflower measures just over 5" wide. 
The bloom for the Giant Sunflower in the upper right is a different set of files (so it can be super sized) but uses the same rosette idea and construction steps. It's about 10" across. Perfect for hanging in your front door.
This bundle also includes the Sunflower A2 shape card and the 2 Bumble Bees.
Scrappy Sam Designs A2 Sunflower Shape Card

Shirley on our design team didn't waste a single moment and created the A2 shape card above and then the beautiful fall arrangement below using the 3D Sunflowers and tucking them in with her other fall florals.
Paper Sunflowers Created by Shirley at Scrappy Sam Designs
  Shirley will be sharing the full photos on her blog so be sure to pay her a visit. You will love the full on view of this fall beauty.

Thank you, Shirley!

Check the tutorial for the Sunflowers
and then pick up the Sunflowers and Bumble Bees Bundle.

Sunflower Tutorial for 3D Sunflower Rosettes.

Who doesn't love Sunflowers? See how easy it is to put together these beautiful paper blossoms using our rosette technique in the following tutorial.
From the Sunflowers and Bumble Bees Bundle
at MyScrapChick

Celebrating Christmas in July with Jar Toppers, Nativity and and Gingerbreads.

Santa Mason Jar Topper 
"There is always an abundance of glass jars around Christmas, so I stocked up on some for future crafts. When I saw the template for the Santa Paver at My Scrap Chick, I just knew it would make a fabulous topper, when added to the straw."
~ Sarah

The Paper Tree
Files used: 
Santa Paver

Thank you Sarah!
Nativity using Box in a Card 
"I just love box cards and the adorable MSC files are perfect for creating custom box cards." ~ Cyndy
Files used:
Thank You Cyndy

Snowboot with Poinsettias and Sweet Gingerbread on a Christmas Card
The Art of Els Schutte
Files used:
Holly Jolly Christmas Card
Rainboot Shape Card
Botanical Branches
Christmas Belly Boxes

Thank You Els!

Find the full line of Christmas Designs at MyScrapChick.
You'll find everything from cards, treat boxes, characters, the full nativity, holiday decor and more.

Christmas in July with our Design Team...

Christmas Star Gift Box
Files used:
 Thank You Tracy!
 Poinsettia Christmas Card
Files used:
 Thank You Tracy!
Penguins Shape Card
Files Used:
Thank you Sarah!

Find the full line of Christmas Designs at MyScrapChick.
You'll find everything from cards, treat boxes, characters, the full nativity, holiday decor and more.

Get started now with Christmas decor for your winter craft shows.

If you create items to sell at fall and winter craft shows
Jill shares some great ideas on her blog.
"Believe" Framed Wordart
Files used:Believe Title
Thank you Jill!

3D Christmas Sleigh
Files used:
Thank you Jill!
Snowy 3D Winter Villages
in Clear Christmas Ornaments

"Since I didn't have any glass or plastic Christmas balls that open, and I live 100 miles from a decent craft store, I made do with what I had. Hubby took a Dremil tool and cut the plastic ornaments I had in half." ~ Shirley

Find full tutorial at Scrappy Sam Designs.
Files used: 

Birdhouse Trio,
Snowman Winter Welcome
Snowman-Bird Lover.
Thank You Shirley!
Framed Wordart "HoHoHo"

Files used:

Thank you Jill!


Find the full line of Christmas Designs at MyScrapChick.
You'll find everything from cards, treat boxes, characters, the full nativity, holiday decor and more.


Christmas in July at My Scrap Chick

Get a jump start on Christmas with this week's
inspiration from the Design Team.
Working on winter projects during hot July days will likely drop that thermostat down a degree or two. 
Plus come December you'll be happy all over again when you pull out these Christmas projects and know you are a already few steps ahead of the season.

The Pink Snowmen (or they may be Snowladies!)
You will see lots of snowmen during the cold months and especially around Christmas. But this cheerful bright bunch of 3 Snowmen was seen in January for a retirement a card. Perfect. Check out more photos on

Sue's Stamping Stuff blog.
Thanks Sue!
3D Shaker Snow Globe Card
Snow Globes are one of those Christmas traditions that strike a warm fuzzy feeling for many of us. Most of us can still remember how enchanting is was as a child to come across these glass enclosures of miniature worlds, giving it a shake then watching as the snow swirled and fell. These cards bring back those kind of memories.

Sarah captured it perfectly and has the info on how to turn the flat Snow Globe Card into her 3D shaker card.

Find the details for this at Sarah's Paper Tree blog.
Thank you Sarah!

All Aboard the Christmas Train
Toot-toot - jump on board for a fun-filled adventure filled with candy canes and hot chocolate! Sarah added some really fun touches to her 3D Paper Train Set including the special smoke stack.

See all the detail at Paper Tree blog.
Thank you Sarah!

 Look for more Christmas in July
inspiration coming this week.
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Breaking News "Santa has been Framed!!"

We were just getting things ready at MyScrapChick for our Christmas in July event when we heard that Santa has been framed! Here's what we know so far....
Alma from our design team is the one who framed this jolly old elf.  She used the Santa from the Santa Claus 5 Piece Set and enlarged him to fit her beautiful square frame.  Alma's creative work can found at My Cricut Side
If you loved Santa being framed you will really love how Nicole captured his mugshot on her Christmas gift bags...
And apparently Santa was not alone. He came with some trusted friends, Frosty and Penguin.
Nicole from the Design Team has the full line of gift bags on her blog at TeachDanz.blogspot .
She shares her great tips for making all 3.

We'll be sharing more projects from the Design Team this week during our Christmas in July event so hope you stay tuned. Sign up for our newsletter for more creative inspiration, sale news and of course our regular Freebie Friday.

11 Great Ideas for Handmade Cards from our Design Team.

Looking for some inspiration and ideas for your next handmade card? We all love receiving a card from someone, especially when we know they took the time to make it themselves. It makes you feel a little extra special. And we love sharing handmade card ideas from our design team and hope you enjoy this latest collection of ideas as well.

 1. Send a matching treat cup along with a
Coffee Lovers card.

Coffee Lovers set. View on Cyndy G. Time Made for Me.
SVG Cutting Files used: Life Begins After Coffee and Full Cup Treat Holders

2. A Garden Full of Paper Posies
Garden Full of Posies card. View at My Cricut Side facebook page. SVG cutting file used: Card Posies

 3. You're No Spring Chicken 

No Spring Chicken Easel Card. View on Scrappy Sam Designs.  SVG cutting files used:  Blooming Layers Easel Card and Shirley, Goodness and Mercy


 4. Flower Pot Pocket Sympathy Card 

3-D Flower Pot Sympathy Card. View Mel's Video
SVG cutting file used: Flower Pot Card

 5. Send a note of Blessings to uplift
and say you care.

Blessings Card. View at Clicker Sisters Gallery
SVG cutting file used: Sympathy Wordart Set

 6. A Canning Jar becomes a shaker card.

Butterfly Pat Shaker Card. View on Scrappy Sam Designs.
SVG cutting file used: Canning Jars Preserves

 7. Sweet Donut cards with 0 calories.

Donut Worry! Be Happy! Easel card from The Art of Els Schutte
SVG cutting file used: Donut Easel Card


 8. Just another day in paradise. 

Another Day in Paradise Easel Card. View more on Sue's Stamping Stuff.    SVG cutting file used:  Beach Easel Card with 4 Titles

 9. Send a note of thanks to a teacher.

Clipboard Apple Card. View at Krystal Klear Creations.
SVG cutting file used:  Clipboard Card and Apple Card

 10. Shape cards and flip flops.

Life is Better in Flip Flops. View on Sue's Stamping Stuff
SVG cutting file used: Flip Flop Shape Card

 11. Teacups that could audition for
a Disney movie. 

Stacking Teacup Card. View Mel's Video
SVG cutting file used: Stacking Teacups Card and Envelope

These designers really put their heart and soul into their handmade cards and creations. Be sure to pay their blogs a visit for great tips and info on these cards.

Explosion Boxes Become Treat Holders

 When we first began seeing explosion boxes for paper crafting several years ago they were used mainly as photo albums for the table top. Our designers however have found they make great treat boxes as well. Take a look....

From Paper Tree

Sarah's Easter Box is exploding with all around cuteness.I love her addition of the round beaded feet to the box bottom.

The box holds chocolate Easter eggs. You could also personalize this box by adding special photos, quotes or embellishments to the inner side panels. 
MyScrapChick files used:
Explosion Box

From Parties 'n Cards

Ninotchka turned her Explosion Box into a cupcake holder for a birthday celebration. And even better, the cupcake is one she created and handstitched from felt.
 Ninotchka does amazing felt projects that you will love. You'll be seeing more of her handstitched items here. Or you can visit her facebook page and look thru her photos.

MyScrapChick files used:
Explosion Box
If you love these projects please let our designers know
we welcome your comments.

Birds on the Fridge and Owls on the Wall.

It's springtime and the birds are showing up at MyScrapChick...

All Things Pretty *Mel

 Mel made up these whimsical birds and turned them into refrigerator magnets that her kids LOVE!
 Svg cutting files used:
Blues Bird: click to enlarge  Belle Bird: click to enlarge

Hooo doesn't love a fun Owl wall hanging??

Julie at Ready, Set, Stamp

 Julie received a wooden owl from her Secret Santa and found this fun way to decorate it using the Wise Night Owl.

Watch her video and you can also see it on her blog.
 Svg cutting files used:
Wise Night Owl: click to enlarge    Flower Combo: click to enlarge

We're so blessed to have such an amazing and talented Design Team. Their ideas and creativity never cease to amaze and delight.

 Be sure to pay their blogs and youtube channels a visit and leave a comment. Thank you.


4 Easter Treat Boxes You'll Love

From Scrappy Sam Designs

Shirley's Easter Milk Carton Caddy is done in beautiful spring colors. She's planning to give this caddy as an Easter gift to a family of 4, one milk carton filled with chocolaty treats for each person. If you are wondering how she put this all together you'll find her instructions on her blog.
MyScrapChick Svg cutting files used:
#10 from Caddy Essentials


From Idea Closet

Tracy's Easter Gift Box design is a great combination cut files
and papers for a girl teen or adult.
MyScrapChick svg cutting files used:

From Teachdanz

Nicole plans to use her Carrot Patch Treat Boxes for a table top display. What a great idea! 2 or 3 of these would be wonderful as centerpieces at the Easter dinner table too. Might even be able to fill them with some goodies for guests to take home if you don't mind parting with such cute decor.
MyScrapChick svg cutting files used:


From the Paper Tree

Sarah's did up the Carrot Treat box, choosing pastel Easter papers instead of the standard orange. After putting it together she found the box was tall enough not only for all the chocolaty goodies but would also fit pencils and stationery, post-its, stickers - the ideas are endless!
MyScrapChick svg cutting files used:

Old -fashioned Sweet Sugar Egg with Paper Becomes a New Keepsake.

Many of us have fond memories of those beautiful sugar eggs at Easter. This sweet tradition continues with these delicately decorated eggs now done with paper.

From The Art of Els Schutte 

Els created this keepsake Sugar Egg using
Sweet Sugar Egg from myscrapchick
After cutting and assembling the paper egg and it's delicate flowered frame Els continued decorating with more mini white paper flowers and paper leaves. She added lace trim behind the frame to create an even more fanciful touch.
 The scene inside the egg was cut and layered using a vintage print of this rabbit.

Els then added a spray of paper flowers to the front and top along with a blue silky ribbon all tied up in a bow. Her sweet sugar egg is so reminiscent of the old fashioned eggs from long ago. But we think hers is even more beautiful than the ones we remember.

Sweet Sugar Egg: click to enlarge
Sweet Sugar Egg at MyScrapChick