Butterfly Box Tutorial

The butterfly box is one piece unless you choose to use the optional layers for the butterfly top. The sides have cut-out butterflies, but these too are optional. To create a solid box simply delete the butterflies on the sides. The bottom is self closing. A great little box for weddings, showers, tea parties, birthdays.....enjoy!

Cut out the one piece butterfly box.

Fold all score lines to the inside to get ready to assemble your box. Tip: if you don’t want the openness of the butterfly cutouts on the sides. Add acetate or a transparency cut to cover them. Glue in now before closing shape as it’s easier.

Bring the end tab around and glue opposite side, your box is now taking shape.

NOTE: This photo shows the wrong closing. Fold the biggest tab down first THEN the 2 side tabs.

Bring the last tab down and tuck into slot. (See note in step above)

Your base box shape is finished. Now is a good time to add goodies or an electronic tea light.

To close your box, slide the two butterfly halves together by the slits.

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