How I made my "STRAIGHT OUTTA COFFEE" t-shirt


Not anymore!! 

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Check out how I made my "STRAIGHT OUTTA COFFEE" t-shirt below.
Yes, this is makeup and no coffee lol

Your purchasing of this file or others like it, keep me caffeinated so that I can continue to make you awesome files!! Thank you for supporting my addiction so that I can support yours!! 

this could be addicting...I want to iron on everything! lol

I found a woman's t-shirt on sale at Joann fabrics but you can find one almost anywhere, including your own closet perhaps? You could also use a hoodie, canvas bag, blanket or pillowcase. Make sure it is something that can withstand heat.  I liked this shirt, it was only a few dollars and it was already pre-shrunk for me! 
Next I chose the the Cricut White Iron on Vinyl and also bought it on sale at Joann fabrics. 
 I have seen lots of iron on vinyl on line but I felt safe using something I could get local and have used before. This HTV (heat transfer vinyl) measures 12"x19" which makes a big surface design and leaves a few inches left over for more projects.  I was happy with this product.

If you have a resource for great HTV that you have used and love, let me know!! I would love to hear about it!

Next I imported my chosen cutting file "straight outta coffee" into my Silhouette Designer Software.  I resized my image to almost 12"x12" which was a good size for a large woman's shirt. ***IMPORTANT***Follow the directions on the package before you cut the HTV.  You will most likely have to reverse the image in your software before you cut it out.

You can see that the image has been cut in reverse as you will be flipping over and putting the iron on the plastic carrier sheet side. I used the Silhouette pick tool to weed the image leaving only what I want ironed onto my shirt.

**caution** blurry image ahead lol I am a designer, not a photographer ;) Pretend we are sharing a margarita and everything looks normal! lol

This photo is not very clear, however what you see here is my shirt on the counter top with a clean towel underneath. 

Following the directions on the package of the Cricut HTV, I set my iron to high heat cotton and pre-heated the area that my HTV would adhere to.  Your shirt will be hot!

Next I gently lined up my image, right side up and made sure it was centered and where I wanted it to be. **Note, don't cock your head to the side when you do this lol 
You just did, didn't you! hahaha sorry

 Again, following the directions according to the Cricut HTV,
I held the hot iron in place with pressure in sections lifting the iron each time to move it. **DO NOT just iron back and forth. I did that one time and it started to melt the plastic carrier sheet and moved the image causing damage in some areas. Trust me, lift and press with good pressure.

Once I was finished, I flipped my shirt over pressing the iron all over the image area lifting and pressing each time. 

Remember, do not iron back and forth.

When I flipped the shirt back over I began to gently peel the clear carrier sheet away. If the HTV came up with it, I would put both pieces back down and heat press a few more seconds then allow it to cool before I attempted to peel the clear carrier sheet up again. 

As you pull up the carrier sheet, hold your shirt down to stop your image from pulling. 

You should be able to see the texture of your material under the HTV.  
**Be careful not to heat too long especially on white HTV as it could brown the vinyl making it look burnt...because it is.  lol
I have done it before, and it is just like me to over cook stuff. Ask anyone about my cookies...

Needless to say, I was super excited with my finished piece of wearable art. I never thought I would be into "iron on transfer" shirts but I LOVE them!! The look like something you would buy in the store and I kid you not, I get stopped by so many people asking me where I got my shirt and if I would make them one too! 

You can make you own right here!! 

Let us know in the comments below what you think about this new design and if you have any questions. 

If you like this and decide to make your own Heat Transfer Vinyl project, we would love it if you shared your project photos on our facebook page.

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