Write It On Your Heart...

WHAT, Valentine's day is around the corner!!
This is my year to be ready, early. 
I hope..

Showing our love and appreciation should freely flow from us on a daily basis. Sure we say "love you" and thank a kind stranger for holding the door for us, but do we really show our love to everyone with the fullest capacity of our being? I know, scary thought; right? 

 I am one of those "out there" people,  who will come right up to you and be  your new friend whether you wanted  one or not. I will hug you and love you  and invade your space.   Yes, similar  to this sweet girl 

 But if I were honest with myself, I  would say that I do not show my love  and appreciation to those who are most  important in my life.  I am not talking  just family, but those people who make  my life and those around me easier. 

Everyday I send my kids off to school and wait for them to arrive home having learned something new.  This has been a habit we have had for over 10 years now. With one daughter in high school and the other in elementary, I know I have taken for granted all the hard work and effort these amazing teachers have invested in my children over the years. I couldn't do it, nor would I want to. I have 2 kids that drive me crazy, I couldn't imagine what 30 of them would do to me lol

This year my goal is to spread love and appreciation everywhere I go. My first challenge is to start with the amazing teachers and staff where my children attend. I am talking office staff, teachers, and the other fabulous people who have made it easy for me to drop my kids off every day knowing they are in good hands, learning something new. 

I will be starting with this adorable pencil box inspired by Kristin Courtney. She
took something so simple and made it amazing. That is what I want to do with this idea.

Please join me in using your talents and the enormous (yes, I know I am not alone here ;) amount of supplies you have lying around, to create something wonderful for someone who makes your life easier. 

Who are you going to thank this week and how are you going to do it? Show us your projects and your story behind it. We will be pulling ideas to post on the blog, newsletter and Facebook. If you project is chosen you will receive a nice gift from us. 

Click here to grab the pencil box. I can't wait to see how you decorate yours! 

Hugs, Kristi


  1. what a fun take on the pencil box. I think this would make a great teacher gift. :)

  2. This is really cute and would make a great gift. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What lovely words and a great idea. X

  4. What lovely words and a great idea. X