More Kawaii Treatkins Printable Cuteness Inspiration, Gallery 2

Here's 4 more cards from Kristin using the Kawaii Treatkins printables.

What a great card style for kids. Even if they don't collect the shopkins characters or hello kitty items, this simple style is so kid friendly. It would be easy to make up a small supply to have on hand for birthday parties and school events.

Robby Rocket Treatkins

Happy Cake Treatkins

Softie Serve Treatkins

Caramella Apple Treatkins

If you missed part 1 of these Treatkins cards here's the link.

Have a delicious day!   :)

Kawaii Treatkins Printable Cuteness Inspiration, Gallery 1

Kawaii is a style of "cuteness" that is so popular today. Hello Kitty is probably the most recognized character in this artistic style. Those big round eyes, sweet cheeks and happy little smiles is the "Cute" look for our line of "Kawaii Treatkins."

Doughy Dunker Treatkins

Each Kawaii Treatkins design includes all the svg cutting files, a full color printable image and also a black and white digi line drawing.

10 Quick Card Inspirations

 Sometimes you just need a quick bit of inspiration for last minute cards. Here are 10 cards ready to cut and assemble. Just pick your papers, stamp on a greeting if needed and there you go. You'll be done in no time. Don't hesitate to dress them up even more with ribbons, bling, paper flowers and more.
Fresh Tulip Bouquet Card
Brighten someone's day with a bright bouquet.
Room to add a stamped or hand-lettered message on front.
Musical Notes Handmade Card
These muscial notes dance across the front of the card.
Use it with or without the fresh slice and seeds. U-Pick.

Crayon Box Tutorial